Legacy In The Making
Founded by Mark Moussa in 1987, Arteriors is leader in sophisticated lighting, furniture, wall décor and accessories, beloved by discerning interior designer and retailers worldwide. Through close collaborations with skilled artisans from around the world, Arteriors has set of pace with unique designs that transcend trends. From the understated to the unexpected, Arteriors offers an extraordinary assortment with special attention to material, texture, scale and finish.

Interpreting Artistry
Whether on the streets of Milan or at a workshop in Guadalajara, our product designers are constantly traveling the world to bring elements of fashion and architecture to our designs, and ultimately our customers.
The product design team leverages the storied techniques of master artisans to bring these ideas to life. From gilded embroidery on a gown to organic elements in nature, the challenge of reinterpreting these inspirations through handcrafted metalwork or finish techniques yields a beautiful collection that feels new yet familiar.

Design Community
The richness of our relationships defines Arteriors. We are constantly amazed by the interior design community and their keen ability to create spaces using our product designs in distinct, personal ways. It’s through their purpose-driven approach that we’ve discovered how the Arteriors assortment can transcend one single design idea, celebrating the individual and their unique interpretation of luxury.

Arts In The Detail
Introducing more than 500 new products each year is a major feat. We keep things fresh and current by creating inspired designs that revel in the details. From raw edges and etched glass to exposed wood grains, we infuse each piece with thoughtful design details that feel bespoke.

Global Reach
With showrooms in Dallas, London, Los Angeles, New York and High Point, and retail distribution in 73 countries, there are more ways than ever to experience the quality and craftsmanship in our designs. Global expansion has challenged our product design team to develop versatile pieces with universal appeal. Whether a designer is working on a pied-à-terre in Paris or a boutique hotel in the Caribbean, we’ve scoured the globe to create transitional designs that are malleable to any aesthetic.