Vanguard Furniture

Vanguard is known for its custom-crafted furniture, upholstery and hand-finishes. It has been an archetype of American craftsmanship with over forty years in the furniture industry. Both Thom Filicia and Michael Weiss feature their collections at Vanguard. Renowned for his New-American Style, Thom’s designs are a flawless and impeccable blend of modern and classic looks that are aesthetically appealing and enticing. Thom is also known for giving a certain quirkiness in his designs, using simplicity with unexpected curves in a chair, for instance, or you would find unusual ornaments on a console or more lines where you least expect on a chaise or settee.

Dubbed an A-List Designer and having completed numerous projects for first-class hotels and condominiums, the Olivia Living customers will relish in a lavish home collection by Thom Filicia that personifies luxury and indulgent splendor with elements of wonder and surprise.

An art and design graduate of New York’s Julliard School, Michael Weiss got his start at a very young age collaborating with his artist and designer mother, Lillian August. Working from his Manhattan studio, Michael produces clean-lined furniture and textiles that are simple, timeless, and elegant. Known for his crisp, tailored designs, Michael’s use of bold geometric shapes in understated color tones lend to a more masculine, modern and versatile look. His unique and enticing pieces for Vanguard are on show at Olivia Living for the customer who prefers the sleek and alluring simplicity from this Romantic Modernist designer.